Welcome! Thanks for visiting. My work has been strongly influenced by my mother, who was a painter in the Impressionist plein air tradition. As a child I would go with her and her artist friends while they would visit beautiful outdoor places where they would set up their easels and paint. As I would run around and play, these artists would create rich artistic works, which to this day give me great pleasure to see hanging on my walls.

Drawing and writing are two things I have done continuously from a very young age, filling books with illustrations, stories and documentation. I began my artistic studies in elementary school and continued through High School and college and to this day, studying with some of our outstanding local artists.

Visiting the great museums of our region, our nation, and the world brings additional inspiration—along with humility!—but my primary muse these days is the beauty of our surrounding area. Most of my work is done on site in the Hudson Valley region, an area with a rich artistic heritage. When people view the works of the Hudson River School artists, they often scoff at the overly dramatic sunsets and cloud formations. Those of us who live here realize that those exaggerated vistas and visions are what we actually see when looking out over the Hudson River when the clouds part and the sun's rays break through like a waterfall from Heaven. The views are naturally gorgeous, whether or not you view those rays as holding any religious significance.

While our region features the natural beauty of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River, I grew up near Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, and those bodies of water have served as major influences on my work as well. Spending summers sailing and visiting Cape Cod instilled a love of boats, the ocean, lighthouses and New England architecture, which are also featured frequently in my work. Please enjoy perusing the paintings I've featured here, but don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to see other works or to learn about upcoming shows.

Thank you for taking the time. I hope you enjoy the work!

Vicki Chesler

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